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Who I am:

Let me introduce myself. I am a professional dog behaviorist who cares for and trains dogs on a part- and full-time basis.  I have nine years professional experience in dog care and training.  I've worked in kennels, shelters, doggie daycares, veterinary hospitals, training facilities, and apprenticed under three trainers, each with more than 20 years professional experience. I have provided private dog walking and sitting services for clients in Santa Barbara, Calif.; Columbia, Md., and New York City, and am a member of the American Pet Dog Trainers’ Association, a society committed to the humane treatment of dogs and the continual education of its trainers. I am very serious about the care, happiness and safety of your animal, and I am interested only in clients who desire a high level of care for their pets.

My Philosophy:

So many dogs at best run wild in the home, causing stress for the family and often ending up in shelters because of their “bad” behavior. So many dogs must leave a home not because they aren’t loved, but because they are upsetting neighbors with barking, exhibiting biting behavior, vandalizing their owners’ property, deemed too dangerous around a newborn, and the list goes on.  My philosophy regarding dog care and training is that a trained well-behaved dog is a happy long-term member of the family.  Using “operant conditioning” I teach your dog that he (or she, of course) has the control to have a better life. He learns that walking properly creates longer walks, that keeping his feet on the ground means he can greet visitors who enter the home, and that not grabbing for food actually gets you more treats.  Dogs will continue this type of training longer because they can see the benefit to their happiness.  And although the dog participates more, they actually see the humans as a more dominant “alpha” dog without the use of forceful aggressive methods that many people aren’t willing or able to use.

Why I’m Different:

My extensive experience is so many areas of dog care is just the beginning.  My work with dozens of different breeds, from puppies to the elderly and with all sorts of temperaments from shy to hyper to aggressive or scared has made me very aware of the individual approach that must be taken to each dog I care for.  That is why I don’t walk in groups.  Any person can quickly learn to walk a dog around a block, or worse 10 dogs around the block and although their intentions may be good, how many of them would know what to do in an emergency? I have seen bloat, I know the difference between a hotspot and ringworm, and I know how to tell if your dog is thirsty or seriously dehydrated and needs medical attention.  I would never guarantee you that your dog won’t get hurt or sick while in my care, nobody can honestly guarantee that, but I can guarantee you that my extensive professional experience means your dog will be cared for immediately, calmly, intelligently and humanely.

What I Offer:

My clients vary from individuals and families who need me to help them through a temporary adjustment period, such as post surgery, pregnancy, or new puppyhood training and socializing or those who foresee a long-term arrangement, perhaps because their career(s) are very time consuming or involve frequent travel and need a more personal, in-home solution instead of a kennel or daycare facility.

Set up Services:

Please schedule your initial appointment with Kat.  You will receive a call within 24 hours to discuss your issues you want to deal with and to comfirm the appointment date and time.  Any changes or questions can be discussed then.

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Online Help Services:

If you aren't in the Cleveland area, or want to do most of the training on your own but need some professional guidance then try my online services.  You can choose the best package for you.  And get the help specifically with want you need.  There are two great options for this:

1. Fiverr pdf training designed for you.

You choose the package/detial you need.  I will provide you with the ideas and help to bring your training to the next level.

2. Pet Forum Closed Facebook Group:

This paid group is a community of people that learn and train together.  I moderate on a daily basis.  Answer your questions.  Help with training tips.  

You get all this plus the community help from others like you for less then the cost of one hour of training.

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