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Our Food Promise:

No China Made

No By-Products

No Corn, Wheat or Soy

Yes- Quality Sourcing

Yes- Wholesome Ingredients

Yes- Responsible Companies


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Grooming FAQ:

1. Will my dog or cat be in a crate?  Yes. We try to only have a couple dogs at a time.  We also will try to let these dogs play with each other whenever possible.  However many for many reasons sometimes your pet will need to be in a crate for a short period of time.  These crates are always clean, safe and we don't leave your pet alone, ever.

2. Can I dropoff early? We open at 10am on weekdays, 9am on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday.  These times usually work for most people however you can schedule an early or late on a case by case basis.  Please call the store to schedule directly to schedule instead of going online.  When you want an early or late dop off it is best to schedule at least a week in advance to have the most possibilities and likeliness of getting the date and time you want.

3. Can I talk with the groomer?  Our staff will take some basic information over the phone before your appointment but rest assured you will speak with the groomer each and every time you drop off to give them any details about the spa session and groom directly.

4. Do you need vaccination records? Yes. We must have a copy of your Rabies vaccine. Other vacinnations are not required but are always helpful to your pet in group situations.  

5. Will you give my pet medication if they are hyper or scared? NO! The Furry Nation will never give your pet any medication, herbs or sedatives without your knowledge and agreement. Sedatives actually need to be given about 20 minutes before coming to the spa to have the best affect. If your pet comes in with fleas we do need to treat your pet with Capstar to kill all living fleas.  Please tell us immediately if your pet might have fleas.  We won't judge you, it merely helps us take care of all your pet's needs.  This helps rid your pet of the problem and keeps our facility clean and bug free for all future clients.

6. Can I choose my groomer? Yes, absolutely.  When calling in to schedule your appointment,our staff will try to give you the first available appointments.  Please let them know if your want a specific groomer so they make sure to give you appointment option only on days that groomer is in the store.

What are your questions:  Please let us know:

Online Store FAQ:

Do you ship frozen food?

     Yes! We are the only place on the internet that will ship frozen food.  However there are some restrictions.  

Rules so you don't end up with drippy mushy thawed meat.

1. We can't ship when our temperature or your temperature is over 80 degrees.

2. Frozen food gets shipped on Monday and Tuesday only.  That way if it gets slowed down in shipping it won't sit in a truck or warehouse over the weekend.  

3. If Fedex ground from 44107 to your destination is over 2 days then you must choose 2 day shipping.

4. It's possible that the shipping you are charged at checkout is incorrect for frozen shipping.  We are still trying to get google to create an the algrorithm for frozen shipping from Furry Nation.  As yet they haven't responded to us. If we need to charge more or give you a refund we will call you and let you know.

Can I get samples?

     Yes! We have samples of every food we carry.  You can order one or fifty samples on our website.  Please note that when we can we get our samples directly from the manufacturer in beautiful packaging but when we can't we open up bags of food and make our own.  So sometimes your samples will come in nice professional packaging and sometimes they come in zip locked bags that we make sure is labeled well. If your sample is in a ziplocked bag and you aren't going to use it immediately we highly reccommend you place it in the freezer to keep the kibble fresh until you do use it.

What about samples for canned food?

     We can sometimes provide a couple samples of canned food for you if you are ordering other items.  Just call and ask.  One of the things that makes our shop different from other online stores is you can order cans individually or by the case.  We also have variety packs available for sale at discounted rates.  These variety packs are usually one of each flavor of a brand.  That was you can try all of the flavors before ordering the discounted case packs.  Please feel free to order just two cans of 200.  We think you should be able to get what you want.

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