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Seventeen years ago the Earth gave me a gift.  It was hidden between the love and loss of two dogs.  That day those two dogs changed my life’s path.  I became a dog trainer and animal advocate that day.  I held my dog’s paw in my hand and allowed someone to end his life.  I had failed him but promised him I would help others.  I began a journey to become a dog trainer on that day.

On that very same day seventeen years ago, Kayla was born.  She, unlike Hercules, was the most stable, calm, intelligent dog I would have the pleasure of meeting in my like.  Kayla would help me learn to train dogs.  Learn to break through their fears and anxiety.  Teach them to calm down. And Kayla would help me touch hundreds of dogs and their people.

In the following years I’ve helped train many dogs.  I remember training Crumpet, a cockapoo who had intense fear of people.  He could love you one moment and bite you the next.  I remember Harley, a shepherd whose brain was moving so fast he could barely look at you.  I remember Conrad, a black lab who was so scared at just ten weeks old that it almost seems cruel to keep him alive.  Yet each of these dogs and many many more went on to live long happy lives.  They and their people were a part of the gift the Earth gave to me and I was honored to be there with them.

As days rolled on, I worked to grow my dream and opened The Furry Nation.  I wanted to help people learn more, train more and have access to wonderful healthful foods for their pets. I have struggled over the past eight years as I learned to be a business owner.  I’ve made some mistakes and made some amazing decisions.  I’ve helped many people along the way and the Earth has given me more gifts including that of my life’s partner.  

We have an amazing staff of beautiful people.  They are kind and intelligent and loyal and they give The Furry Nation it’s soul.  Yet we have struggled.  We have struggled through an economic climate that has taken down thousands of businesses large and small.  We have struggled through a climate that has unemployed more people in our community then we’ve seen in almost a hundred years.  I have struggled to see that my promise to Hercules is faltering.  

I want The Furry Nation to support the community.  I want to help feed all the animals in rescue.  I want to build a training facility where even the most scared and anxious and aggressive dogs have a change to learn a new life.  I want to help each family heal the wounds of their rescue pets hearts.

Come learn about us and help us fulfill our dreams.  Together we can spread the love.

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Stella & Chewy's

In Clover

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